Casino Top Games, Their Categories And Types Found Online

Getting acquainted with different categories of top-rated games can help a newcomer to get his or her bearings in the domain of online gambling. Read below to find out how casino top games are categorized. Learn about the opposition of skill vs. pure chance games and pick the type that suits you the most – depending on whether you want to master new skills or fully rely on Lady Luck’s grace.

Top-Rated Casino Games By Category

The game library of every online casino’s website is grouped into categories for the players’ convenience. The three major categories seen at every reputed online casino are:

  1. Slots – they come in a never-ending variety of themes, modes, and designs. From classic 3-reelers to modern 5-reel machines, from one payline to thousands of winways – the diversity of slots knows no bounds.
  2. Table games – here belong games of hazard that would be operated by a dealer in a land-based casino. In online versions, the dealer is replaced by intricate software, and the outcome of the round is determined by an RNG tool. This category comprises all casino top games you would normally play at a table – poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and others – but they are available on desktop or Android/iOS mobile devices.
  3. Live dealer games – here you’ll find exquisite table games conducted by real dealers, which provides the most realistic and authentic casino experience.

Other common categories are jackpot games and games of the scratch card or lottery type. Online casinos may also single out the most popular or newest games in their portfolio into separate categories.

Casino Top Games – Skill vs Chance

The myriad of entertainment options at an online casino has plenty to offer to both newcomers and seasoned gamblers. Some games are based purely on chance while in others, certain skills are required for success.

Top Free Casino Games Where Skill Is Needed

Skill games are games where the player’s decisions and actions affect the round’s outcome. This category’s principal distinction is that you can get better, more skilled at the game, which will lead to more frequent wins. The top-rated casino games of skill are poker and blackjack.

Poker’s numerous variations require the player to be patient and disciplined in waiting for a good hand, able to read other people at the table, and unpredictable. A good blackjack player needs to be apt in memorizing numerical sequences and evaluating the cards that are being dealt. The skill of card counting is also of utmost importance.

Casino Top Games Based Purely On Luck

A true game of chance requires no skills, as you can’t influence the outcome of the round. Nonetheless, the player can and should select a game with the best winning odds and learn to manage his or her bankroll. The top games of chance in online casinos are:

  • Slots;
  • Roulette;
  • Keno;
  • Craps.

Noteworthy, in some casino top games of chance, the size of your bet and whether you use deposit bonuses has a direct effect on your winning potential. For example, the jackpot in progressive slots may be locked behind a bonus round that activates only if you’ve maxed out your bets.

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