Slot Odds Of Winning – Mathematics Comes Into Play

When choosing a slot machine from the online casino collection, first of all, you need to pay attention to the number of symbols and reels. In accordance with the theory of probability, the key principle can be formulated as follows – the more symbols and reels, the lower the chances, and vice versa.

The first step in calculating the probability of winning is calculating the possible number of combinations.

To win three-reel classic slots, the player needs to match three identical symbols on one line. It is necessary to proceed from the assumption that symbols are not repeated on each reel, that is, 1 reel = 1 winning symbol. This assumption simplifies calculations and in most cases corresponds to reality.

To calculate the number of combinations, you just need to multiply the number of symbols on each reel by itself only once, how many reels are in the slot. If we are talking about a three-reel online slot with twenty symbols on each of them, then you will need to perform the following mathematical action: 20x20x20 = 8000.

That is, the gaming machine is capable of giving out eight thousand different combinations of symbols. The player needs one winning one. That is, the chance of winning will be 1/8000 or 0.0125%. The figure seems small, but not in comparison with the probability of a combination falling out on a five-reel model with the same number of symbols on the reel – 0.0003125%, that is, several orders of magnitude less.

What Strategy Should You Use?

Experienced gamblers usually advise using the “Empty Spins” scheme when playing classic emulators of mechanical slot machines. This strategic scheme does not in any way affect the probability of getting a winning combination, but it effectively helps to control the gambler’s expenses on gambling. The essence of the strategy boils down to the fact that the player sets for himself a certain number of losing spins. As soon as the number of unsuccessful spins reaches the established one, it is imperative to change the slot machine or completely end the game and return to the club not earlier than the next day.

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