Best video poker odds, explanation on the matter

Video poker is certainly the best slot machine of all that provides the best RTP percentage. It means that the house edge is limited to its minimum. So, video poker with best odds to players allows winning regularly and consistently. There are lots of different types of video poker slot machines and varieties of video poker offered to gamblers, therefore odds based on RTP percentage will be different. Although video poker is treated as the best slot that offers outstanding odds for players to win, some of those slots offer even better conditions.

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Video poker apps, which offer the best odds to players

Players must distinct what are the best video poker odds games and what is the software presented as an application. There are applications provided by casinos and which offer the best video poker varieties. By combining all offered video poker varieties contained in the app it provides a picture of whether an application is good or not. However, some video poker games can be obtained on their own and it still may provide even better RTP percentage and therefore greater odds. Here are the apps for the best games with the highest RTP:

  1. Double bonus offers 100.17%;
  2. Super aces have 99.94%;
  3. Loose deuces wild offers 100.15%;
  4. Joker wild has 100.65%;
  5. Deuces wild has 44 99.96%;
  6. Double double bonus gas 100.07%;
  7. Deuces wild has 100.76%.

The best video poker odds for what is known as the applications offered by casinos, the following list might be considered as being very useful:

  • Super slots;
  • Las Atlantis;
  • Vegas casino online;
  • Wild casino;
  • Red dog casino.

The above-stated applications offer great choices and varieties of high RTP video poker games hence the odds of winning in playing any of the games will be very high. The apps give combined overall high odds and RTP percentage on any of the video poker games presented.

The best odds calculators

In the modern era of the digital age and ease of getting various applications for portable devices, best poker odds can be calculated instantly by the use of purposely made tools. These tools in the form of an application can be obtained online legally from any of the players’ favorite e-stores. Many of them have different principles of how it works. Some can be launched at the same time as your casino app is running, so cards will be scanned and odds will be presented instantly. In the others, the player will have to manually enter the cards that are in his hands and what is on the table. Here are the best tools:

  • Poker Calculator made for Android only comes free of charge;
  • Best Poker Calculators, which is made for Android and iPhones. Can be obtained for free;
  • Hold ‘Em Helper, which works on iOS devices only and costs $1.99;
  • Phil Hellmuth Poker Calculator app, which works on iOS devices and comes for free.

Best video poker odds apps that allow players to get hands-on odd calculator are legal and will definitely make life easier as well as will allow winning more.

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